Friday, May 15, 2009

My personal Challenge

I think last week, I told ya'll how I was enamoured with Michelle Caplan's work in the latest Somerset Studio...'s my version:

I gave it to hub for his birthday last Sunday~ It's 5x7..I really made like 4 versions of it, before I got one I liked..he was impressed...but, then said the red lettering made me look like I had 'kool-aid lips'...oh, well..I tried..

No, I'm really happy with it and want to do more..right now, I'm channelling Sally Jean. I purchased a glass grinder and have been using it on various shapes of glass, the latest being a Gothic arch!! Stay tuned for that one..

Hope you have a great weekend!
Be safe!


Amy Huff said...

I love my glass grinder and it saves me so much time it's crazy! Can't wait to see what goodies come out of the studio.

Heartinmyhand said...

This is very cool.I bet hubby loved it.

Cindy said...

Really cool looking. Your description was pretty on target, but way more impressive to see the real deal.