Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday pictures

This weekend, I got some things done on the work table...mostly soldered up some Charms.

I had this gal all taped up, but she needed some solder, I tweeted about her last week..if you tweet, my id is CollageMojo..

These little bubbles are going to be on Etsy sometime this week. The Angel, is one of my Muse art works I showed you a few months ago..

Then, this one is the result of the Sally Jean channelling I was doing last week..I hope I didn't take away any of her Soldering Super Powers doing that...

It's not even cleaned up and there is still goop on the glass..but I had to show you...The glass grinder made this shape possible..I'm glad I finally got wasn't has hard to use as I thought it would using a wood sander in a way..This is going to be in my suitcase at Paper Cowgirl Vendor night!!! with some more embellishments..

Remember, Paper Cowgirl sign ups close today! 5 pm..I'm taking the buttons off the you can not purchase any more classes or register.
Happy Monday!!

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Poetic Artist said...

Great work.. Katelen