Friday, December 3, 2010

Tea Party @ the Drive-in

A Night At The Movies

Tonight I took the girls to see Tangled at the Drive-in in Graham, Texas. It is the best place to take your kids, because they can sit in the car and wiggle, talk, and argue without bothering everyone else, besides me. They love being able to go to the Drive-in. This is our second time to see a movie at this one and we could not have asked for a better night for them to play a movie. They one show one movie a month during the cooler seasons. Tangled was the perfect movie for this night as we remembered Mom(Nana). Rapunzel was a painter and would paint murals on her walls. Does that remind you of anyone?!! She was taken from her parents as a baby and raised by an old lady. Well, every year her parents would send up lanterns on the night of her birthday hoping that one day she would return to them. This part of the movie brought tears to my eyes. I could not help but think about how we released balloons into the air on Mom's birthday that way they could fly up to Heaven and wish her a Happy Birthday.

The girls enjoyed popcorn, candy, and a coke for the movie.

They also had ring pops which is a must at the movies.

Look at the colors of their tongues. I think my children are turning into candy zombie!!!! LOL

Of course the popcorn is a complete must at the movie even though in end up all over the car by the end of the night!

Here is a shot of the screen from our viewing area. The same spot we parked at last time. Close to the bathrooms and concession.

It was a great night to spend with the girls as we honored the one woman in our life that means so much. I cannot believe that 11 months has passed without her on this Earth. It only feels like yesterday I watched her depart from this world and travel to the Holy Land. We miss her tremendously but will one day soon rejoice with her in Heaven. We love and miss you Mom(Nana)
Tina's Loving DD~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea Party

We have not posted a tea party of over 2 months now. That is because we have gone on the trip to spread her ashes, and her birthday party that we had for her.

Since today was chilly you could not ask for anything better than a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. I had a bag of chocolate chips so I made some cookies earlier in the day for the tea party. The girls loved both. Sage even started dipping her cookies into her hot chocolate.

We even had a little visitor while having our tea party. He has such a sweet tooth! It is hard to keep him off the table if he smells anything with sugar in it.

Life has been wild and crazy lately. We had the Undy 5000 in Dallas last weekend. I will post pics as soon as I recieve them. We raised $4,455 for our team. We won top fundraising team which made me very proud. I know that mom was in heaven cheering us on and supporting us the entire time. Thank you to all out there that donated in the memory of my mother.

Tina's Loving DD~


Thursday, September 2, 2010

CCA Undy 5000 5K in Dallas

I've formed a team for the Undy 5000, a brief run/walk to fight colon cancer. My team is to honor my mother who lost her battle with colon cancer January 3, 2010. Our team name will be "Big Girl Panties" since mother's favorite saying was

"Put your big girl panties on and deal with it."
We're taking to the streets and running in our underwear to help raise awareness and help prevent colon cancer. It sounds silly, right? But we're serious about the cause. Why don't you join me?

Join me for a day of fun, friendship, family, and fundraising. You can register to be on my team at:

and the password is: kelsisage1

Participants in the Undy 5000 will be drawing attention to their bottoms - and colorectal cancer - by running or walking in their underwear. Yes, underwear! Instead of the same boring old race T-shirt, all participants will get official Undy 5000 boxwe shorts.

Why underwear? Because people do not like talking about colorectal cancer. And talking about it will save their lives.

If you can not join the team in Dallas we would love for you to help us reach our team goal of $2,000 to go towards Colorectal Cancer Alliance so that we can get the word out about colon cancer.

I hope you'll join me on the Undy 5000 this year!
Tina's Loving DD~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

105 degree Tea Party

The tea party it was 105 degrees outside so we decided to eat some ice cream to help cool off. We had some Blue Bell Cherry Vanilla. It was YUM!!! We also recently found out that my father's mother has breast cancer and was suppose to have surgery that week we had the tea party. So we decided that we would have a card making tea party. We pulled out the colors, markers, and paper and began making their Get-Well cards and posters for their Great-Grandma. She ended up not going through with the surgery but we had fun coloring anyways.

Thanks for stopping by and I am sorry it has taken so long to post. Have a great first week of school. I know that I am going to try and have one.
Tina's Loving DD~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Disney World Tea Party

Disney World 2010

This month we has our tea party while on vacation at Disney World. We had planned on going to the Grand Floridian for a Princess Tea Party but then I found out that it would cost me more than $400 we had to come up with a better plan. So I took the girls into the bakery section and let them pick out their own snack. Sage had cheesecake, Grace had Mickie shaped cheese crackers, and I had a cupcake. We had an extra cupcake incase Grace decided she wanted something sweet. We had bought souvinor cups at the resort so that we could have drinks all day long without cost. The girls chose their own drink and we found us a nice quite place but the kiddy pool at our resort.

Our Mickie straws we had in our cups!!!

Sage eating her yummy cheesecake!!!

Grace enjoying her Chip & Dale cheese crackers!!!
Disney world is such a magical place and dreams do come true there. We enjoyed every second of our trip and plan to return some years down the road when the girls are older. Thanks for stopping by and reading.
Tina's Loving DD

Friday, June 4, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Nana's Favorites:
Popcorn & Chocolate

This tea party we decided to watch a movie and eat some of Nana's favorite treats. This day was also the last day of school so we were wanting some R&R. Mom always loved eating popcorn with chocolate on the side. So I popped us some corn and bought everyone a personal bag of M&Ms to go along with it. But wait, what better movie to go with our tea party day the Alice In Wonderland. I so wish that Disney World had a tea party with Alice and the crew, because we would so join in on the next tea party we have.

I have not told everyone but at the end of this month we are going to Disney World for 7 days. Mom had always wanted this trip for the girls. This year has been so tough on us all especially the kids and we felt that they needed a well deserved get away. What better place to go then to "Where Dreams Come True". The girls are so excited and even have a count down calander hanging on the back of the front door. They have been counting down for over 120 days now. Each morning one of them pulls off a sticky note to reveal how many more days left. We will be in Disney World the next tea party time because we are staying until July 4. So I have found where one of the resorts has a tea party time and planning for that day at lunch for us to attend. I think this will make our trip extra special since this trip was for Nana. The girls are so excited and cannot wait until it is time to leave. If anyone has any good advice for us on this trip please let me know. We are Disney World virgins!!!!

Tina's Loving DD (Nicole)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scholarship 2010

"Tina Wright Memorial Art Scholarship 2010"


Nicole Fambro

This year we started a scholarship in the memory of my mother. We awarded it to a 2010 Breckenridge High School graduate, Nicole Fambro. She is furthering her education at Texas A&M in College Station, TX. She is a wonderful girl and she has the drive and motivation to do something wonderful in her future. We awarded her with $1000 to help with tuition, books, room, or food. Whatever she can use it for will help out alot. College is not a cheap place to be. We knew that she would greatly appreciate this scholarship and use it to her best advantage. We would like to thank everyone that donated to the Tina Wright Fund that was set up at First Nationl Bank of Breckenridge. All the money raised in her fund goes to the scholarship. We hope to keep building this fund every year so that we can award a deserving student the money they need to help out with college.

Tina's Loving DD(Nicole)