Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea Party

We have not posted a tea party of over 2 months now. That is because we have gone on the trip to spread her ashes, and her birthday party that we had for her.

Since today was chilly you could not ask for anything better than a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. I had a bag of chocolate chips so I made some cookies earlier in the day for the tea party. The girls loved both. Sage even started dipping her cookies into her hot chocolate.

We even had a little visitor while having our tea party. He has such a sweet tooth! It is hard to keep him off the table if he smells anything with sugar in it.

Life has been wild and crazy lately. We had the Undy 5000 in Dallas last weekend. I will post pics as soon as I recieve them. We raised $4,455 for our team. We won top fundraising team which made me very proud. I know that mom was in heaven cheering us on and supporting us the entire time. Thank you to all out there that donated in the memory of my mother.

Tina's Loving DD~


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