Friday, December 3, 2010

Tea Party @ the Drive-in

A Night At The Movies

Tonight I took the girls to see Tangled at the Drive-in in Graham, Texas. It is the best place to take your kids, because they can sit in the car and wiggle, talk, and argue without bothering everyone else, besides me. They love being able to go to the Drive-in. This is our second time to see a movie at this one and we could not have asked for a better night for them to play a movie. They one show one movie a month during the cooler seasons. Tangled was the perfect movie for this night as we remembered Mom(Nana). Rapunzel was a painter and would paint murals on her walls. Does that remind you of anyone?!! She was taken from her parents as a baby and raised by an old lady. Well, every year her parents would send up lanterns on the night of her birthday hoping that one day she would return to them. This part of the movie brought tears to my eyes. I could not help but think about how we released balloons into the air on Mom's birthday that way they could fly up to Heaven and wish her a Happy Birthday.

The girls enjoyed popcorn, candy, and a coke for the movie.

They also had ring pops which is a must at the movies.

Look at the colors of their tongues. I think my children are turning into candy zombie!!!! LOL

Of course the popcorn is a complete must at the movie even though in end up all over the car by the end of the night!

Here is a shot of the screen from our viewing area. The same spot we parked at last time. Close to the bathrooms and concession.

It was a great night to spend with the girls as we honored the one woman in our life that means so much. I cannot believe that 11 months has passed without her on this Earth. It only feels like yesterday I watched her depart from this world and travel to the Holy Land. We miss her tremendously but will one day soon rejoice with her in Heaven. We love and miss you Mom(Nana)
Tina's Loving DD~


lms said...

nicole, i too miss your wonderful friend forever....i think of her often....and i am so glad that you took over her blog so i can see the girls as they grow up...she loved them babies so much and would talk about them all the time on gabby girls....we took our grand daughters to see was such a great movie.....i bet you and the girls had a wonderful time...linda

Brenda said...

Thinking of you all.