Friday, June 4, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Nana's Favorites:
Popcorn & Chocolate

This tea party we decided to watch a movie and eat some of Nana's favorite treats. This day was also the last day of school so we were wanting some R&R. Mom always loved eating popcorn with chocolate on the side. So I popped us some corn and bought everyone a personal bag of M&Ms to go along with it. But wait, what better movie to go with our tea party day the Alice In Wonderland. I so wish that Disney World had a tea party with Alice and the crew, because we would so join in on the next tea party we have.

I have not told everyone but at the end of this month we are going to Disney World for 7 days. Mom had always wanted this trip for the girls. This year has been so tough on us all especially the kids and we felt that they needed a well deserved get away. What better place to go then to "Where Dreams Come True". The girls are so excited and even have a count down calander hanging on the back of the front door. They have been counting down for over 120 days now. Each morning one of them pulls off a sticky note to reveal how many more days left. We will be in Disney World the next tea party time because we are staying until July 4. So I have found where one of the resorts has a tea party time and planning for that day at lunch for us to attend. I think this will make our trip extra special since this trip was for Nana. The girls are so excited and cannot wait until it is time to leave. If anyone has any good advice for us on this trip please let me know. We are Disney World virgins!!!!

Tina's Loving DD (Nicole)


Cindy said...

I think I remember your Mom saying that she liked Popcorn and chocolate...LOL....Sounds like a fab tea party for this month. And DISNEY! LOVE Disney! When you are here, I can bring you up to speed, but I will say, invest in the meal plan, its a good thing. As for the day, go early in the morning, play, eat lunch, go take a nap or quiet time in the afternoon, and then go back out for dinner and evening. Doing it all in one day is too tiring and makes for not fun. Someone always cries. LOL. Me. :D You are going to have a blast!


Unknown said...

hey friend! It is nice to see your blog has been a bit! :)