Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Packing up

A little here, a little there..stuff it in a sack, grab this, grab that...that's what I've been up to this last couple of days..

Going to Waxahachie this weekend to teach at the Crafty Scrapper. Teach a microscope slide soldered charm class. We are going to do similar to this:

I have images of pin up cowgirls, glamorous ladies and some vintage corset ads, and even some of my vintage images for the students to choose from...I've made up some cool little class packets, gathered supplies and solder hopefully we'll have a fun 3 hours on Saturday!

Do you remember my Paper Mojo blog?

Well, that name didn't set well with a paper company by the same name, so, I had to change my blog name since I was the 'little guy'...That blog I had over 150 entrys on, this one is getting close to 200! I see that and it amazes me..I'm not one to write in a journal or diary, but I don't seem to mind writing my thoughts where everyone and GOD can see it...I wonder why that is?

Paper Cowgirl sign ups are going strong! We have one class close to being sold out!! We are humbled and amazed at the response! Thank you all for choosing to come to our gathering of artists! What are the rest of you waiting on????come join our fun, Vendor night is a hoot...

Happy Tuesday!



Cindy said...

Looking forward to seeing ya my fren!! Up for a grilled cheese? LOL...maybe Friday?

hugs till then,

Suzie Button said...

Hi, Tina, Oh, your little girls were so cute in those tutus! It just makes them twirl automatically, doesn't it?!
Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to the Cowgirl retreat, I'm bringing a friend too! Suzie