Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Treats

And who said they had to be fattening??

This yummy goodness is brought to you from a recent shopping trip..
Vintage Seam binding, old buttons, rick rack, and buttons,and belt buckles from a shop in Ducanville, Texas..add some old pearl chain from a recent Etsy purchase from Canada and you have a well rounded plate...

We made our mix while we were doing all this shopping...Snarky remarks, jabs and jibs..laughs and fun all mixed well with some ideas thrown in..what better treats than that?

Starbucks? Maybe??

This Red White and Blue cover was on the cups on Tuesday..

Then a Chai with a snazzy orange cover was had the next day for a treat..

So, enjoy your treats, whether they be food or not and if you had fun, then that's just icing on the proverbial cake!
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Sherri said...

Grilled cheese was the topper! Fun day. Great buys!

Cindy said...

Hey!!! Those things look familiar! And what? Snarky? You Two?...naaaaaaw!