Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quickie, no fun and Friends

Here are two of the gals, that are in the soldered house swap with me...neither wanted their faces showing..they are no fun..about taking pictures, anyway..

We had a quickie lesson on glass cutting and soldering while I was in their neck of the woods..I keep reminding them it's all due March 31st..

These are what I gave them, when we all got together.. Sherri's in the one on the left and Cindy's on the right..and I'm not telling you what snarky saying was on the back...
While I was there, we set up a soldering class for me to teach at the Crafty Scrapper, so if you in the area, come and solder up some charms with us!!
Have a Blessed day!!


Sherri said...

what a shame that our faces didn't show :)... love my charm, and you are on the website for the class (thecraftyscrapper.com).

Thanks for a fun day.

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

You're scaring me! But I know March will be here before I know it! Sounds like you girls had some fun...love those little charms! ;)