Monday, December 15, 2008

Bored at the Carwash

What do you do when your hub decides to wash his truck and that's not what you had in mind??? Your a captive in your own dig around in his console and find his camera, so you have to entertain yourself;

This time I decided not to sing along with the radio...

Bubbles and foam:

Then you turn it on yourself:

Hub working hard:

He's happy is truck is clean...I suppose I'm happy, I got to play with his camera..


Citygirl.em said...

Your'e adorable....I know, those 'car wash' moments are only fun when kids are in the car. It's worth it just to hear the squeals of delight and from fear of the 'monster'.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

You're so funny . . . I will think of you next time I get my truck washed.

Thanks for the flickr contact! It made me come look for you more - I've been here before too - just didn't get it bookmarked so I'm glad I re-found you. You're in my bloglist now so I can keep up on you. And, I see you are a Jack and Cat fan too - maybe that's how I found you the first time. Anyhoo, you have a lovely blog and your murals (I went to look there too) are a-m-a-z-ing. Now I have to go look at your etsy - you're keeping me from working! tee hee.

Happy next 2 weeks of holiday rushing around!

Sherri said...

cool pics! Amazing what boredom can produce.

Cindy said...

You silly! Love the photo's! And your lables..."wax on, wax off"...HAR, HAR, HAR....that's a good one! You always crack me up!

Better get back to my books.

Later babe!