Friday, December 12, 2008

Black leather and big hearts

On Dec. 6th the Brazos De Dios H.O.G. Chapter of Bryan/College Station gave their 20th toy run. Bikers have big hearts if you didn't know. For months they plan, gather, wrap and organize this event. I was part of it when we lived there. I did my fair share, and saw all those who busted their hiney, opened their wallets and spent countless hours getting this together. We were in town that day, to visit old friend and I had to go by. I'm glad I did. I want to share with you what I got to witness from the outside looking in.

It was great to see everyone again and share some of the excitement:

This is Sally, she was Mrs. Claus this year. Their costumes have a biker flair to them. Sally and her mother made them a couple of years'll see Santa later..I rode in the truck with Sally in her pickup loaded with stuffed toys to hand out to neighborhood children..

This is Stan and Bonnie, the past Santa & Mrs...they are really good friends and we miss them dearly!

It was great fun to see those folks we don't get to see when we make our hit and run visits..

This is the group at one of the stops. They choose families in need. This year their were 11 families with 71 total folks to buy for. My friend Sue and a couple of others do the shopping..that was my job one's organization at it's fullest to get all these things bought and accounted for with that many people.

As you can see, it's a large group and the rumble of those bikes, sets your hair on end..I love it!

Here is an unsavory fellow all in black...This is Elmer another dear friend and has been the head of the chapter and the toy run for several years, but this year he's just a happy little elf..

The hugs you get are just heart wrenchingly amazing from these kids...
And to see their eyes light up when this comes up to the front steps:

We take small stuffed animals back on the bikes to throw at the kids we pass by on the streets, for all that rumbling in the neighborhoods draws them out to see what's up..

This is Leonard, one of our good friends, taking toys back to his bike for Sue his wife and passenger to toss over..I did that one year, tossed toys while riding behind hub, but I kept bonking him in the head and he made me ride my own bike the next time..

Here is Santa taking a wrapped package up to the house. Several nights after work were spent wrapping up everything for everyone. That is one of the best fellowship times we have, wrapping presents.
Most everyone decorates their bikes for the event:
Faye started out with just one, and now she's got a load, even Santa will envy...

Here is a tinsel wrapped set of ape hangers, that is what those tall handlebars are called in case you didn't know..

The saddle bags and other parts on this bike were all gussied up:

Here is the street in front of an apartment complex:

I stood in the back of a pickup to get the shot, I think it pretty much captures all the riders, that were behind the trucks and trailers..

Here is the street view from that same shot, looking back at the front of the line.
So, you see there are alot of people involved and afterwards there is a party and everyone shares what they saw or the hugs they got...your heart if full and your are happy when you do this, at least hub's and mine were..

With there being alot of riders, there are a lot of safety precautions, they set up with the law enforcement for the route, we have dozens of road guards and a few police/sherriff cars
This is Carolyn and Brett,.As road guards, you have to block of intersections, exits and such so all the riders can stay together.
I rode with hub on this one year, you pretty much don't get to hand out presents or be in the thick of things, so you miss out on alot of it. There are times you get to be near the homes, but not every stop. To me, this is the 'thankless' job, for you are a major part of the thing,but you are more 'behind' the scenes.
It takes everyone doing their part to pull this off. And for it to be going on for the last 20 years, tells you the extent of the commitment of this club. I was excited to be able to share a little bit of this with you and show you some of the hard work put into it. If you see a motorcycle with a stuff animal strapped to it, you can bet they have either been or going to a toy run or ride.
Merry Chirstmas,

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Cindy said...

Makes me tear up...what a wonderful thing. There is a group here in town (that collects toys) and I usually try and drop something off...hmmmmmm, I could imprsss them with all my new found biker knowledge...ape hanger...LOL..who knew? And "boinking Will on the head"...HEE HEE HEE...where is his sense of humor! Thanks for a lovely post my friend, that emphassizes the true meaning of the season.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Love to hear that rumble. They come down my road sometimes and it is an amazing sound. What a wonderful tradition.