Monday, October 27, 2008

Some left overs

I wondered around our place the other day, looking at the change in the flora...A few stray Sunflowers are showing out one last time..but most have seeded or been mowed over..

..a few escaped the mower last time he mowed..

These things, what ever they are..make me sneeze when they are blooming full out..

But I love the puffy dried mess they are at this point in time, they are so soft downy looking..yet brittle and hard...the lot next door is full of them..they are building a house over there and have not yet mowed anything on it..

These nasty bull nettles are here and there around the place, we are trying to get rid of them..for they are no fun to step on in sandals or barefoot or dogfeet as you can see:

Hub is going to make some cement pads at the north and south doors of the shop, so he's been framing that out for pouring in the next week or so..
We've been 'mouse hunting'...they are coming in finding out the shop is a nice cozy place to winter over..but Scooby has been on the hunt and caught a few with some help...
We went to buy a new table/chairs..came home with what we thought was the perfect set only to find the apron of the table busted and the legs wobbley after getting it out of the back to Ashley they go and we have decided to build something..he's got a time limit of 20 days..We are doing metal legs and wood/maybe a tin top like the cabinets..My job is to find the perfect bar stool height chairs on a budget...
I'm adding a new little shrine to Etsy this week and my new banner should be ready soon by Ms Dale at Sea Dreams Studio....Can't wait to see what she comes up with for me~
Hope your week is a good one~


Cindy said...

Go Scooby...get the mice boy! LOL. If not, I will have to send the "kids" up to help ya! Can't wait to see your banner...I know D will make it purty!


Sherri said...

those flowers are awesome in photos. The little box you made Cindy turned out very cute. Don't let her fool ya, those kids of hers wouldn't know a mouse unless it was microwaved w gravy and chopped up.....:)