Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

Here's one of my newest Little Shrine necklaces..I have added another one too to my Etsy..

Did some soldering for me..I have a little charm on my purse of the girls. But it was a bit dated. So with some of my 'left overs' I made me another one..Using a photo I took of Sage this summer and a photo of Grace I took at her b-day..I cut them out then added them to a back worded background..it turned out good..I'm a happy Nana..Also finished up some other grandkid charms for a friend of mine..and popped them in the mail to her..

The mouse was caught, but not by the dog..I'm sure there will be more..that's life in the country..at least they are little bitty ones..

Fall is in the air...but it is to warm up later in the week..frost is expected before it does....

later gator~

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Cindy said...

Oh...just now saw this...and that the mouse was caught. Yeah, we've had those times before, especially with the field behind us. Love this shrine necklace too...you are doing some awesome things.