Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday! Already??!!

EEEegads..where have the days went??

I know yesterday seemed to fly..found some new curtains for the living/ kitchen area at a local Rustic Texas type store that was liquidating..then ran to Ross for some rods and clips to hang them with...

I've been trying to spend an hour or so a day, scrounging thru my things for items to sell on vendor night at Paper Cowgirl. I've filled up one little travel bag with goodies and now starting on another one..I have waaayy too much stuff and am going to share with all ya'll that come to vendor night!

I have more vintage jars to fill with goodies, but here is a start of it:

We went out to dinner last night with hub's friends, we had a good time, but I ate/drank way too much and tossed and turned all night long..seems like the good sleep came just before I had to get up..and we had to get up early, for hub had to get his truck into the shop to spray bed-liner in it. I came home and washed my car while it was still shady and cool. Now the rest of the day is going to be spent INSIDE the house!

I wanted to show you one of my favorite dolls in my studio:
I made her a few years back with a Nicol Sayer pattern. I have another one to show you tomorrow that a friend made for me...I love how this one turned out using the all white colors, I call her the snow queen...but can't remember what the 'real' name of the pattern is..I have another one of her patterns made up in a Patriotic theme but she's packed room for her to hang anyplace, I'm sad to say..

Walk on the wild side for a little bit, today, even if just in your mind!!



Cindy said...

You go girl! Bring that stuff, so I can SHOP! LOL. And thanks for the well happens. LOL. Grumpy, me.


Unknown said... what fun is being packed in the suitcase! Oh goodie! Love the doll too! Come by!