Thursday, July 31, 2008

Faux and faces

Here's the latest project I've had going. This cement porch has been covered with a product called Skim Stone.
I use layers of colors and it's applied thinly to cover up the concrete. You have a bit more control than with staining and it's a whole new layer added, so it can change the look and feel completely.
We added the logo 2 nights ago and last night I added the clear coat layer. This makes all the colors pop..

We have the Grands here until Sunday. So lots of playing outside while it's still cooler and then inside when it's is an expedition to the store for Polly Pockets. That is the favorite right now..

I was playing with the camera yesterday and got these shots:

Anytime things are happening you know they have to ask: "Whatcha Doin'???"

If they ask once, you know they are going to ask again:

Cindy added more Paper Cowgirl info yesterday and is to add more today, so go check it out! Our sign up Deadline is August 31st. and anyone after that it will be an additional 10$ until we have reached our limit. Teachers are getting ready, the sign ups are flowing in and it we are gathering vendors up for Friday's vendor night. So ya'll don't miss out and come play with us on September 26-28th!
Today: Make a good memory.


Cristine's Story said...

Such cutie pies you have Tina. Those grandkids are just the best!
Fun classes at Paper Cowgirl. I wish I could click the heels of my Ropers and be transported there!

Sherry said...

Cute grandkids!!

Have a great weekend!