Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Daddy Cantelope

He's already married, to me! These little babies have been coming out of the garden lately!

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that yesterday I got nothing done in the studio.
I worked out in the shop all day, it was 110 degrees yesterday..what a day to work in a tin building....But, I'd made up my mind and was going to consolidate all the boxes from our move, LAST YeAr...We have boxes of stuff I don't want to use in the shop shack. But, I'm going to use when we get the real house built, so it's going to have to stay in boxes and the boxes have to go somewhere..and right now they are in the middle of freaking huge shop and there is not any room for anything else. So I pushed, pulled, dollied, and emptied boxes and re-stacked boxes in a corner, now we have more open space.
It didn't seem hot until I found a thermometer and hung it up, eeeewww shouldn't have done that..I got the biggest part of it done, it was hot, I was dirty, but it got accomplished. For the most part.
Big Daddy was impressed with my work when he came home..he even went out there after dinner and did his own work...but it was too hot~to do much more..Then the buttermilk pie was ready and we both had to eat a piece of that while it was still hot! yummy..I'd not made a buttermilk pie in along time, it was good~

Other than Paper Cowgirl stuff, this is on my table in the studio waiting on me:
This is a big version of what I've done on the dominoes...I did a faux finish to the background..collaged on the papers, painted the goodies and shadowed it... I would say it's about 12x8, it still needs something, and so far it's not let me know what that something is....

These 2 pictures are on a Formica sample:

That's copper on the back, I'm not happy with that, and rub-ons are still giving me fits..I'm happy with the front..

Thanks Shannon for letting me know about my spelling error yesterday :) as you said, I'm not a COLLEGE prof...lol..you can see I do COLLAGE alot more than I did college..lol..

Andreea! Don't forget about our challenge!!!remember??

Errands and cement work are on today agenda. The rest of the week the Grands are visiting..

Thanks for all the fun comments on yesterday's post! I love my faux work, and I'm glad I can do something that makes me happy and pays the bills!

Ya'll be good today!



Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina!
I LOVE the house painting! Maybe a swirly, curly cloud or two? I LOVE the colors and the style...

Hats off to you for working AT ALL in 110 degree heat...I declared 106 a NO PRODUCTIVITY day! You went well above and beyond! Better take tomorrow off just because...you've earned it!

Excited about the Cowgirl event! Talking it up DM on Twitter!

Cristine's Story said...

Wow, it's as hot there as it is here! Brave girl, working in it. Wish we could come to the Cowgirl event, but it doesn't look like it. I think I need to retire!

Sherry said...

I don't miss those days over 100 since I moved away from Kansas. New York doesn't get that hot. I've never heard of Buttermilk Pie??? Anyway, I love your house piece!

Stay cool!

Cindy said...

You've always got some cuteness going on. And LOVE buttermilk pie! Will you bring me one when you come down? LOL.