Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Creative streak..

Even with 2 little ones around!! Started these canvases...

And look at the mess on my table! Cathy has a challenge on her blog to show off your mess..

Finished up this one and put it on Flickr(I'm CollageMojo there) last night..finished up 2 more later after wee ones were in bed..and started TWO more..I'm tellin' ya..I'm on a roll...I'm into these HUGE images and making them fill up the canvas, I'm going crazy with the printer on this one..It's those Cowgirls, I tell ya..they did it to me..

{See Jan, your not the only one who collects flatrustybottlecaps}

Mailed off my Cowgirl swap gifties..and received one today! I'll show you that tomorrow, Stephanie at Doojies really did me good~


K Hutchinson said...

WOWZERS these are gorgeous!

Cindy said...

Love the canvases! there anything you stink at cause you are too multi-talented for me! BTW did I mention that I LOVED the 2 page spread in Somerset. I want you to autograph when I see you. Love the fart fairy. Wuz my fav! : D


Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina...
LOVE the canvases! Aren't they FUN to work on? I had my first "canvas experience" at a Creating Keepsakes Convention...absolutely LOVED the class. I'm hooked. It's my FAV medium of the moment!

Having another cowgirl swap any time soon? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina!

Your canvases are awesome! Mixed media is what I'm wanting to learn, too. However, I need to clean up my messy craft room before I can get anything done!
Check out mine on Cathy's blog and you'll see what I mean!

See you on P&R!