Thursday, June 5, 2008

Swap goodies are starting to arrive!!

Stephanie at Doodies was one of my 3 partners...I ended up with 3 but hey, that's ok..3 times the fun..Here's what Stephanie sent me in all its cowgirlishness

Love the funky hat, all mine are just plain ol' cowgirl hats..nothing funky like this one!!
This flocked bird fit right in with all my goodies in the studio!

THis IS HUGE!! love the altered WALL clock! Vintage figs. inside that are just wonderful!! Stephanie, your the bestest!! the tag says: "Mamma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirl, let them be dr's and CRACK HOES and such" Love that~ your as twisted as it's hanging on the wall in the Studio !!

I love it all, thanks for Swapping with me!! your's should be there in a few days!!! Hope you like it and it survives the mail...

Here's a couple of the canvases I have done..
PUt your BigGiRL Panties On You saw this one in the works the other day..what do you think about it now??

Get your Cowgirl ON And what do you think about this little sassy looking gal?? I love this image and have used it off and on for a few years now!

Here she is again..and those dots are vintage poker chips!

All American Girl


Amy Huff said...

Love these... put your big girl panties on might be my favorite. :)

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff said...

Hey there Cowgirl
It's been so long since I signed up I don't even remember doing so. Got an email today from swap partner, I'll have to whip up something extra special. Your new look is great and it beats being sued. I had a guy from the Green Bay Packer association tell me I had to quit using the name Packer on my goofy black bear painting. So I changed it to Cheesehead :D
Ta Ta for now,

Heartinmyhand said...

Tina I love that little bird. Your new works are great. I'm always telling my daughter to put her big girl pants on. She is a teenager and usually wears a thong.(To much information)She doesn't see the humor like I do.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina,
These are WONDERFUL! I love the little cowgirl...the colors and the "tude" of "Get Your Cowgirl On" are SOoooo me! Great've got a great artistic eye!

Paula Clare

Cindy said...

Where to start...You got some great goodies, love the altering of the song to Crack Ho' funny is that? But your canvases are amazing! Truly awesome. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy....Seriosuly, I bow to your brillance.