Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wind here on the Praire

eeewww, weee...it's windy today out here...The girls are aobout to blow away while outside playing! Since it's getting hot in the afternoons we play outside in the mornings then play inside after lunch..Yesterday I made frames for 2 of the Cowgirl swap collage Canvases while they got dirty..Today I'm just going to hang out and watch them get dirty..may have to run after them to catch them from the wind..it's gusty...piglet and poo come to mind..blustery day...

Yesterday I added 4 spoon/nests to my Collage Mojo Gallery, so if your interested go peek over..

My Cowgirl Swaps are going out in the mail ...hope yours are too..deadline for mail out is June 10th...

Wait till you see what I have on my worktable!! Some awesome ideas have been popping in my head and out of my hands..Tomorrow I'll have a peek at it for ya~

We are still working on a Texas retreat in October in the Metroplex area..so email me if you are interested in joing us, I'll teach a solder class, Sharon is going to teach us a transfer class and a couple of others are lined up for the weekend..looks like fun!!!

Have a Super Tuesday...or is that in November??


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Hey Tina,
I'm wondering if you have a firm date in October yet.
I know you are having fun with those sweetie pies. Don't let um blow away.

Maija said...

Your spoon is lovely! I like to alter spoons also!