Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Tuesday

Just a few random things that have been going on here lately...
The son got a 'new' old car...so, he and the hub have been 'piddling' with it..replacing parts and being motor heads...my part in it all was fetching glasses of tea and looking at the progress..

I finished up this canvas:
It has been just the background colors for at least a month..Then found this quote and decided that would fit perfectly..I love using up the alphabet collection I have..Do they have a word for that kind of 'sickness'??? I Love to find and buy up letters..old, new, metal, chipboard, stickers..I don't care..just give me alphabets..And I had to use one of my favorite cowgirl images..I am very pleased with this piece. The other one I posted a couple of weeks ago and this one will be up on Etsy as soon as I can take decent photos of them.
This is my new class at the Crafty Scrapper:

Beveled glass Christmas ornaments..we'll make a total of 4. Two of the 1x3s and Two of the 3x2s with the crystals and the crystal chain...Glass glitter is inside to glam up the vintage images and a bit of German scrap which will all be in the class kits!! We'll also bend the wire for the hangers..We are looking at an October date for this class..
Happy Birthday to my fren Jan T at the Polka Dot Barn blog..pop over and tell her happy Bday ;) she's just 24 ya know~
Have a great Tuesday ya'll!!
big ol' hugs,tee


Diva Kreszl said...

Love the new piece!!!

DeeDee said...

Love the Christmas ornaments. You're really stretching the creativity at TCS. :)

Karen said...

Hello! I came here by way of Karyn's blog, French Charming. You have some wonderful altered art here! Love the sentiment you used with the cowgirl and your Christmas ornaments are really beautiful! :>

Anonymous said...

Tina.....I'm working on my soldering, girl, but can't get it perfected without you, so get well. Quick!! I'm calling all the prayer warriors down here in the Hill Country to send their prayers for your return to health up to you in North Texas....and my prayers are flying up there also. Can't party with out you.....
God's love,
The Texas Redhead