Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday! Already??!!

As promised yesterday, here's a sneaky peek:

The Official Paper Cowgirl Charms for 2009! Our little thank you for signing up with us!
I'm thinking about making more to sell at Vendor night for the other gals not lucky enough to have snagged one... We are tickled pink at the response we have had this year!! 2 sold out classes and a full room at vendor night! Remember registration closes on the 18th, that's Next Monday!

This is what's in our Driveway, of all places...

Hub found this Killdee 'nest' the other day.... Isn't a pretty egg??? I went out later, and found 2 more eggs in the 'nest'!! So a total of 3 are out there in my driveway..we see the mother sitting there and try to stay as far away from her as we can...

These are new on my Etsy...I have used an altered cabinet card art piece for this charm:

This one is a photo I took of a T-Bird at that swap meet I followed hub around a few months ago..

They are almost 2 inches across, glass and soldered with a bale for hanging..what do you think?? I think they would be super cute on a black cord. But you can put them on what ever you want..By using my original photos it makes them truly one of a kind!!
Have a great day!


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I really like you charms. I have been to the Waxahachie scrapbook store once, great store. Is that where vendor night is going to be? I just recently moved to this area & don't know alot of people. Renea

Heartinmyhand said...

Great egg. It looks big. Oh that's right everything in Texas is big. Cute charms

Jamie said...

The charms are AWESOME!!!!! I am so excited!!! I love the egg in the driveway. Are you taking photos of the rest? So beautiful!Love, Jamie