Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Busy...

Today is a Solder Class at the Craft Scrapper...We are doing charms like this:

Learn how to 'float' out the solder on the backside so it's smooth and nice looking..I supply the glass and images,bales and instruction...you bring your solder iron, flux, solder and a work pad, scissors..

These photos are from my last Solder 101 class:

We had a good time and all everyone went home with 3 microscope slide charms and the knowledge to go on to try more charms!!

We've been busy here at the shop shack too:
Working away..slaving over the art table to create the mostbestest piece of art...I'm working on getting out all the charms for the Paper Cowgirls..The first 10 to sign up receive a hand made charm from my studio!! Sneaky Peek tomorrow!!!!

If you live in Snake country...be on the look out...the rattlers are on the move~

We found this bad boy down the road the other day..had to admire him from afar (as in the Pickup) for he was out on a stroll down the road...Son had a brush with one the other day too..as he was walking in the field doing his job...he walked right over it and the guy behind him got the strike..luckily no one was injured..but it made them both aware of the snakes~
I'm off to see my Friends: Cindy and Sherri and Carolyn today...
Have a good day too !

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Unknown said...

Love the attitude. Hate the snakes! Yikes! How fun to get together and create.