Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday!

Last week, I dug out the sewing machine..I have not made any clothes in a loooooooooong was fun to be doing that again..I made these little simple dresses for the girls..My model was in the mood to be cute..don't you think??

Her sister's dress is the opposite of this one..they looked really cute with them on..I used to stich up all the DD's Easter dresses, both kids halloween costumes and some of my dresses..but have gotten out of habit with the price of fabric being so expensive now, it's cheaper to buy ready made..that's sad..I enjoyed this little foray..
I have a Solder class tomorrow at the Craft Scrapper, we will be doing round/bubble glass if your near, we have openings! come join us!
Paper Cowgirl registration closes on the 18th of May!!! Don't miss out~ This week on the blog we will have several of the vendor's showing off their wares..the Public is Welcome to vendor night on Friday the 26th of June!!
Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

Love it! I have had the sewing bug lately, but my sewing machine was broken and long gone, so my DDs bought me a new one for Mother's Day! I'm soooooo excited to start creating with it and incorporating it into my crafting projects:)

Robin said...

Cute model and cute dress Tina!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

What an adorable little dress...and the model is such a little cutie!

Cindy said...

You sew too? Dang. Don't come to my house! LOL.


Little Girl Dresses said...

That's such a cute dress. Great work.