Friday, April 3, 2009

On the work table

In between doing 'life' I've been able to squeeze in some time at the work table. Here is what's currently in line to be soldered:

This is the sample of my Intermediate class at the Crafty Scrapper. We will have it sometime in July. I'm using black quite often in my work..wonder what's up with that? I do know I Like the 'pop' it brings to the vintage colors. In the class you will learn to bead solder and attach to pieces. The attachment will be strong enough for wearables. This piece is larger, like the one we will be doing in Paper Cowgirl. Gives you more solder area and a larger bit of collage.

This one I'm having a hard time letting go of it....

I've acquired a few Frozen Charlotte Dolls, I've been making little shrines for them to live out the rest of their lives in. This one is about 2 inches tall and the box is about 3" so it's substantial. I am going to suspend it from a tube of glitter. It's going to look very 'arty' when I'm done. These little shrines have been filling up my mind lately..but, now the muse has struck, and I'm wanting to paint again!!

This time BIG..paint on our Doors in the Shop know, I painted one to look like the Texas Flag.

Well, this time I've got ideas for the door that leads into the shop from the'll just have to wait to see..I've not started it yet, but it's gellin' in my mind, and from what I see so far, it's going to look super cool.. I'm so glad my hub likes me being 'arty' ....

We are headed to the flea this weekend. Maybe some cool finds and photos to show you next week!!

Have a great Weekend!!


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Cindy said...

Love that little charlotte sweet!