Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hot solder

Been busy here at the Shop Shack..the wind has been blowing up something, and I didn't want to get outside!

Now, look closely at these charms that are about to be soldered:

Did you see the one with the bird?

Here's the other side of it...this one is for me!! I used a gift card for the back image (bird and swirls) and the front is a Grunge board letter and the background is a paint chip. I then used spray paint and a piece of paper lace to get the effect! Do you like it?? Michelle Ward style!

This one, makes me wish I was more girly girl...but, I'm not..I like my HD stuff and will always make something with it..

I've also listed 2 charms on Etsy in my Wrighthandy shop..

Don't forget to Scroll DOWN to my Paper Cowgirl post and sign up for the giveaway..You must leave a comment on THAT post to be in the drawing..Check out the other Cowgirls on the blog trail too, they are listed in that post also..

Have a super day!


1 comment:

Cindy said...

I like that 2nd one and to think that I scoffed when you had that card in your hand...shame on me! It turned out adorable!