Monday, April 6, 2009

Flea Shots

We headed out to the flea this weekend. It was held in Weatherford, Texas. Known as First Monday, we have been to this one a number of times over the years. Our friends Greg and Karen invited us to go with them. We had a great time. Karen told me that this flea had been going on since the 1800's. Karen is an amazing photographer, she and I got some great shots, she shared some tips with me and we discussed alot of things on Saturday and just had a great time. The guys waited for us several times during the day, while we shot away at some of the goods the vendors had, or haggled over prices..They did their own haggling and searching too.

This is just a few shots to whet your whistle:

More later!!

A gentle reminder about Paper Cowgirl, the give away is still going on so check out all the teacher's blogs!

Happy Monday!



Penney said...

Tina, Great colored beads! I love flea mkts. too...Hope you have a super day!

Michelle said...

I lived in Tyler Texas years ago and I LOVED going to First Mondays in Canton. Oh how I miss that now that I live in Colorado!

Cindy said...

Very pretty pics. I guess Dad and I will have to go check that one out sometime. Thanks for rhe lookie loo!


Jamie said...

I was there too!!! I love Canton and I was at that bead seller too! I bought a fossil from him and some arrow heads. Maybe we can meet up some time:) Love, Jamie

ksmith said...

Hey, Tina. Great shots! Next time we'll get out there earlier, I promise. The sun will be better for our photos. It was a blast, though.