Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Etsy goodies

I've added a couple of little charms to my Etsy, they are One inch wide by One and one half inch long..so not too large..good for a bracelet of small necklace charm:

This is the rusty chairs I took at Granger:

This is the backside:
This one can go either way, here is one side:

Here is the other side:
Thanks to all of the purchases lately and to my new tweet followers..If you do tweet, I'm collagemojo on Tweet..
More Flea photos tomorrow!!


Cindy said...

The chairs are cute, but I really love the one of the little girl!


Lori said...

hi there...i just read about you on Lesley's blog...she did a great post about you and Cindy...i love all of your soldering work, esp your lovely bottles!!!