Monday, March 2, 2009

Paper Cowgirl Sign ups have begun!

It's off to a good start, despite some glitches and a few mis-'m not a speller and you know what?? Spell check don't catch them all...and when you ain't a good speller, you think it's all ok, you've used your spell check~ until some smartypants points out your boo-boos..oh well, poop happens.. and the more you stomp on it the worse it stinks..

Really, We are having a good turn out. Class space is limited and we do have 2 classes filling fast! So if you are THINKING about it, better decide soon..for that class maybe full sooner than you think.
Saturday, I'm trippin' down to the Crafty Scrapper for my first of 2 classes, this month! We are making microscope slide charms. Getting the soldering basics and what come see us if your near and want to learn somethin' new! We'd be glad to have ya..Just give Sherri a hollar there at TCS . Speaking of solder, my glass houses for my swap went out today!! Yea! I have received one so far, I'll have to show you one's wonderful, I mean, Sally Jean worthy wonderful...
Hope your Monday's been good!
mine's been B-u-S-Y...


Cindy said...

wow...the poop quote...there's one I've NEVER heard always amaze my fren! :D


Sherri said...

I am cracking up to the point of snorting about the "and the more you stomp on it the worse it stinks.." I had never heard that is good wisdom though!