Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pictures of the Baby

Yep, that's "BABY" ....what did you think I was talking about??

span>It was sooo nice out that I decided she needed a long over due detail washing and shining...

If you are a non-motorcycle person, I have to tell you, washing a motorcycle is not like washing a car..there are lots of nooks and crannies, that dirt, bug guts and grime get into. (yes, I said bug ought to have one smack you in the hand at 70 miles an hour!) You have to take a toothbrush to places and do alot of back and forth..for you think you have something clean, then you rinse it off and see what you missed, and start all over..

Needless to say, it's labor intensive. We fight over the little rolling stool hubby has in the shop. We did have two, just for that reason, but something happened to the other one.
I love the details on Harley Davidson's..the emblem is EVERYWHERE on their parts and you see it in the smallest of places. Like that headlight, it's on the inside too and the little amber lights it's on the lenses of them.

This is my ride angel. Hub bought it for me at a bike show we attended a few years ago..She helps keep me safe along with:

PAN>My Queen BEE...Hub says I have the bumble bee syndrom...Have you heard of that? The bumble bee doesn't know it's supposed to fly but it does..I do things on this bike that I'm not suposed to do and come out ok..She reminds me to keep flying along. Last year I didn't get many miles put on her, like less than 4 K..that's sad for us, the first year I had her, I put over 10K on her! We've vowed this year to do more traveling and go to more places on the bikes. I can't wait!

See ya later!

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Cindy said...

LOL...words fail me. Seriously.