Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Soldered Glass House Swap

I threatened the Muse..told her to stay away and let me work on my swap...

I'm using a German book for the roof papers..My mother's family were from Germany. So that will be another connection to the photo in my houses. And actually a Great, Great, Great Grandfather was abducted by the Indians here in Texas, because of his German blond hair and blue eyes. It was 2 years before he could be bought back..isn't that some great Texas History??

I have been working on a few at time, then doing housework..seems that is never done, is it? And even with two of us in the house, you would think it would slow down..but noooooo
Using Old, Old leadger paper from my one and only leadger book I own..I have printed out the word: HOME to put in my roof area..I love how it come out..and the patina of the paper will add just the right touch on top of the German text..

I've also listed some new things on Etsy and worked on a few new key charms to solder when I start to solder up these houses..

Have a great day!


Cindy said...

Glad SOMEONE is working on their house swap!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

I love reading all of the background info and special touches. I really think there is a visual difference in someone's art when they are so emotionally and spiritually involved in it. Can't wait to see everything on Etsy too - I'll pop over soon!
p.s. Here's a great link for an article on how to put your photos to work for you . . . from Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea (a real sweetheart)
Hope that helps!