Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Look at this sunrise we were witness to the other day!

The clouds were constantly changing colors and I couldn't help but watch..then hub said you need to take a picture of this..I ran back in put down the coffee cup and grabbed the camera..snapped was well worth the freezing toes on the cold cement..

God makes some beautiful art, doesn't He??

Still soldering away..this one is for a swap Buddie..the theme is: Winter Time blues..she's a cat lover..I found this old photo and then colored in with pencils..I think she's going to like it..

These little tid-bit I'm calling : Affirmation charms..they are one word charms...

As you can see they are small and dainty great for a necklace or bracelet. I've added a few to my Etsy, but have more to add..

Here is another little shrine necklace...I love this Star surrounded by barbed wire..I made the box part look all worn old...I think it goes well with the art inside! It will be added to Etsy soon.
Paper Cowgirl is coming along!

We now have all the teachers lined up and are working on the schedules and info to post on the blog. I've been adding little sneak peeks to it when I can, so hop over and check it out!
As last year, we are offering a Paper Cowgirl Charm to the first 10 to register. This year's charm will be totally different from last years..I'm in the process of designing those too..

Hope your weekend is full and fun..we are planning to go to a swap meet..hub's idea..I'm taking the camera along..

Later, t


Carmen said...

Beautiful sunset!!!

Cindy said...

Gorgeous sunrise...sorry bout the cold toes. LOVE the teeny weeny charms! So sweet.


mendytexas said...

Gorgeous Sunset! You are a soldering genious!!!! :)mendy