Monday, February 23, 2009

Snap shots from the Swap Meet

Saturday, dawned windy and Chilly here at the Shop Shack..We donned on our warm walk about clothes and headed down the road. To Decatur, Texas. There was this semi-annual swap meet going on..I was tagging along just to snag some photos, I didn't expect to find much else there that I would be interested in..
Tiny Toy Tractors? Anyone? They were at "More than Antique Store" prices...

I loved the writing on this handle of an old stove..

Then there was this awsome ornament around the stove..

This was one of the things, I kept my eye out for, hood ornaments, they are works of art on these hoods.. and I found a few that I thought were wonderful...

2.00 dollar bin...not my idea of a

Bring your own lodging..These guys(inside) started yelling and waving and smiling at me when I was snapping was funny.

What the heck?? Life Saver anyone??

This was unusual as it was common fare...

Loved the old patina on the paint!! Perfect for a 'rat rod'.

Again, they were 'proud' of thier wares..

This old gal was all shiny and purty..

Another Art Deco work on a hood...the flow of this piece was what caught my eye.

This one was form and function, the owner told me it was also the latch to open the hood!

Weathered and worn and just tired...this old truck came from the same place we did...
Have a Great Monday!!


Cindy said...

Pretty cool eye candy...and yep,mostly guy stuff...but cool regardless. That Titanic Lifesaver was cool...surely not original....


Debra from Bungalow said...

I love swap meets and just looking at old junk. You never know what treasure you'll uncover.
Take care, DebraK

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Oooo! Cool photos, Tina! Even though you were "along for the ride"... sounds like you still had a fun time! ;)