Thursday, January 29, 2009

Soldered House Swap

Been working today on that...looking thru photos, working on them, getting it just right..

Then finding background papers, words and such...
These two children are my Mother and one of her brothers. They are the first 2 out of 5.. I love the look on their faces...kinda lost, sweet and her coat, I love her coat...This had to be in the 30's ..

I can see my Mammaw fussing over them and getting their hair just so..even licking down a piece whtat wouldn't lay've done that haven't you? licked down a bit of your child's hair that refused to do as it should? I know I have..
Got a bit of it done..but not finished yet, by a long shot..
What have you been up to?
back to cutting paper and glue sticks....


Sherri said...

Love that picture! super cute.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Oh rats, I hate that we had to change our NB deal. I'd still like to do it. How far do you live from Wax? Wish I was closer to come to the class. I'm going to suggest that the Antique Gallery have some classes there - you could come teach! In your spare time...LOL Going to see what's new at Paper Cowgirl now. I didn't get any info - am I on the list? :)N

Tumble Fish Studio said...

My mom called her granny Mammaw. That is the first I've heard of anyone else doing that, but I didn't grow up in the southern states. Maybe it is a common thing. It's a lovely picture and piece that you made. Something just comes through when your heart is involved with the subject! Lovely.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I love your Mom's old family photos! How lucky you are to be creating with them! Be sure and show us the finished project...I wanna see!!!!

Cindy said...

Looks the old photo's and well as the back ground's gorgeous!