Thursday, December 4, 2008

My daily walk

I've been trying to walk everyday if the weather is ok..
We got out and walked, it was chilly and a bit windy but we made it..and added extra, since I was toting the camera..Scooby is my walking Buddie..he loves to sniff out things and goes bounding into the weeds until he disappears..

This day as we walked I was whining to myself how I never find any heart shaped know, like you see on other blogs..
I find stuff like this:

It was a big honking piece of broken glass, I put it in my pocket for future project..then I hadn't walked another 5 minutes and spied this one:

All this time..and there was one, I left it where it was..Sage and I look for heart shapes when we are gathering cool rocks..there are always cool rocks at Nana's house..either in the road, driveway or dirt..we find them, she cleans them, and adds them to a jar we have in the shop...
Here's the great hunter, catching up to me on the last bit to the house..he doesn't let me get to far away...

Now back to Christmas Decorating...


Cindy said...

Please come to my house and decorate for me! I don't have the energy or the brain power! LOL. Not today anyway...hopefully by next week. Can't wait to see what you do with that killer shard of glass! LOL.


La Donna Welter said...

Love the idea of looking for heart shaped rocks! : )