Friday, December 5, 2008

More walking

Yesterday, Blogger wouldn't let me here are some more of our walks:

This one has had NO tinkering..the sky looked that blue thru the was great..I just wished I'd taken my other lens, the bird would have been clearer and time..

This is on a gate, I love it:
All weather worn and was used a reflector on the gate...
This is my favorite fence

All knotty and weathered and gnarly, just standing there, doing it's job holding up the fence that holds in, right now, 6 yearlings. They run every time we walk's funny to watch them. They watch us to a certain point then turn tail and beat would think they would be used to us, but not yet, I suppose.
I want to try to capture some of the birds we see..we flush a covey of quail almost every time we walk...they are usually in one of two places...the first time scared the bejeebies out of I wait for it to happen when I get close and if it doesn't, I'm disappointed..We see hawks, field larks, sparrows, wrens..
Have a great day!

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Sherri said...

You have some awesome Photos!! Love that you find things on the ground like I do ALL the Time!