Wednesday, December 3, 2008

another Manic Art moment..

Interrupts Christmas Decorating.....

I won 2 sets of anagram letters off Ebay last week and they came in the mail..well! I had to do something with them..

After getting them out of the box and fondling them, I was struck with an, putting all other things aside..good thing dinner was already finished and dishes in the washer....I hurried off to my stash,found this great book cover for a background and it went from there...These letters were so worn there was no paint on some of the they had to be 'doctored' up a bit..

I even used my new Sidekick, that I've had since my B-day...this jewel thing was in a jar full of junk jewelry..was the perfect touch..

Then the glitter fairy hit me:

My fren Cindy has been showing off all her new houses on her blog, so I had to do up these two that have been sitting around since January of last year naked..

Even found a couple of trees and some tiny wreaths to decorate them with..of coarse, hers are all pink and fru-fru goodness..and mine are more a bit in the 'tropical' color range..some unknown reason Aqua and Red was in my head...
Please remember our troops serving over seas at this time of would not believe how many of them do not hardly ever receive anything from's really sad..My son had 2 guys in his unit over in Iraq last year, that only received things WE sent them and nothing from their families..How tough is that???Especially during the Holidays..if you go over to Any they can fix you up and you can pick male or female or even what please take time to fill up a Priority box for someone serving our country this Christmas Season..I am and also sending to a few of Soldier son's friends...hope you do too..
Now back to decorating...
Have a great Wed..


Amy Huff said...

I'm really glad you posted this site, I've been trying to find one for the holidays! The anagrams are awesome!

Citygirl.em said...

I love words and letters...I'm definately a wordophile.
I've begun making my mixed media gifts for my girlfriends. I will post photos of all of them after next Friday when I give them away at our annual Christmas party.

It feels so good to be making art. Despite my cold, it's helping me breathe easier. I am in my element.
Your Christmas projects are beautiful. I love the sparkly houses.

Sherri said...

I'm want those letters! I am going to have to find some. Love your little houses. The blue/red looks really cute on them, I think. I like blue in Christmas colors anyway.