Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Hangover??

We are having that here in the Wright household...Hub is out on a rented bulldozer digging a tank (or a pond as it's called in other parts of the country) I'm in the house just hanging out with Grand #1 who opted to stay with us instead of going home with her family....

I wanted to let you know, I'm offering NO SHIPPING charges on ALL my house charms until Dec 6th in my ETSY store..

Hope your recovering from your Holiday and all is well in your little part of the world!
Have a great weekend!!

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Cindy said...

Ham hangover over here...ugh...tonight's supper...bean soup with you guessed it...ham! LOL. And cornbread! : D

yum, yum.

Hey, I just listed so cool western stuff on my etsy, you might want to go see.