Monday, December 1, 2008

Glue, Glitter and fun

At our house the question of the day is: "What are we making today, Nana?" when the grands are over..We had the oldest grand from Tday until we made alot of things, most all Christmas themed...

I've been over to Joli Paquet looking for ideas to need to pop over there if you get a chance there are lots of ideas from talented gals.. So, when I answered: "A snowman hat." to that question, I received a funny I pulled up the blog and gave her a peek at it..she loved the idea..

We got out handmade papers, glitter, containers and scissors, etc...and went to work:

She picked out the smaller container to make her hat from...

Hub was a bit upset that we were working on the NEW table, with glitter and glue and such:

But, I put down alot of paper to protect it and there were no incidents....

She loved using the glass glitter..

Here is the end result and the proud artist:

Here are both of ours:

We made memories and a pretty Christmas decoration that will work thru January...

I'm a member of Etsy Texas Crafters, you ought to go over there and see all the goodies that were listed with our group..some great talents!

I'm offering free shipping on all my House Charms in my Etsy shop, until December if your looking for a little something different that might be the ticket! Thanks to all of you that have purchased goodies from me, I really appricate it and hope you enjoy it

I hope your first week of December is a good one, I started mine off at the Dr.'s giving blood for lab tests..nothing serious, thank goodness..


Sherri said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Love the hats. That blog has had a lot of wonderful crafty ideas. Have a good one!

Cindy said...

Oh girls did a fantastic job on those snowman hats...a hat any proper snowman would be glad to don indeed! : D

She's a cutie! Makes me miss the time with the girls when they were little!


Dede Warren said...

Tina, How cute is this little one working along side of you? I love your top hats, too cute.