Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It all comes out in the wash

Hubby wants a mural on the I figured while I was having some 'down time' thanks to the swing in the economy I'd start it...So, I thought I'd do a rendering first..since the finished one is going to be 3 pieces of sheet rock big..This canvas I got at a good price over at Dick Blick Art, it was was cheaper than a stretched canvas.. I have it clamped to a piece of insulation foam board, and it's about 5ftX5ft...Have this bad boy staring you in the face for a couple of days..I know what I'm going to paint. Hub found a picture in an Art magazine he wants me to that's not the problem..if you paint, you know that the problem is just picking up that first brush loaded with paint...

I'll keep you up on the process as it continues... in the meantime:

I have been looking at Sally Jean Alexander's "Pretty Little Things" book..that I've had since it came out a couple of years ago..I never seem to do projects that are in the books I buy..I read them books, I study the photos, I glean new ideas and techniques, but very rarely do I copy a project from one..But I did this the other brainer..but it was fun..
As I was working on that sweet pearly girly redneck, southern fried self came out..
This is what it said:

How's that??? Sorry..but, I can't see Miss Sally Jean in Cruel Girl jeans and a ball cap makin' home sweet home pearly girly signs in Texas..but I can see ME makin' these!
No offense to Sally Jean for she is the ruling Queen of soldering projects and such..but Trailer Trash is just more fitting in my part of the world..
Now I need to make a Shop Shack just for us here on 77 Ranch Road..don'tcha think??? It's going in my Etsy, if you fit the picture or know someone who'll know where to find it...


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh goodness, I'll be watching the big gigantic painting progress. Fun

Cindy said...

I know the "fear" of a blank canvas! LOL. And I think Sally Jean would love your trailer trash sign! LOL.


Sherri said...

you are a riot. Trailer trash is great. I like the "pearly girly" description too. I have several "friends" from areas other than Texas who tease me about being Trailer Trash.....too fun.