Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beautiful things...

Were found in my mail box:

From my friend Sharon @ all Norah's art...I cried when I saw that this. I had admired this wonderful piece on her blog the other day never knowing..she said she left a 'hint'...Sharon!!!! it's beautiful and seems the postal service must have loved it too for not a scuff or mark other than on the stamps were to be found :)

Inside were promised goodies! At Paper Cowgirl, Sharon had told me about the 'super duper' huge Watch/clock crystals she had and promised to share with those were in there and a couple of her prints were in there too! Thank you soo much Sharon! Such a sweetie!

The setting sun was beautiful on this side of the shop shack this evening...

But then, the Moon was beautiful on that side of the Shop Shack.

I found a happy medium on the South end of the building and snapped away at both..

I almost burned the cornbread that was in the oven for supper:

It was good and crunchy..yummy with some butter on it while it was piping hot..Went with the stew that had been simmering the crock pot all day...

Here is the Door to the "man can"..hub's bathroom in the shop..
I'm making it look like the Texas flag..Tomorrow I'll add the star and the white section tomorrow after it all dries good tonight..

Here is one more of my Sally Jean versions of Home Sweet Home:

One more....hang on...

This is the table Hub is making..he's just finishing up the grinding and such so I can prime it tomorrow too..we are then painting it satin black..a red cedar plank top is going on next..
The huge canvas now has a bit of color on it..I glazed it with a bit of raw umber too today..


Cindy said...

Busy girl! Stew, cornbread and you made a stab at the great, white whale! I'd say pretty productive for one day. You lucky dog...getting some Sharon goodies. I'm green! : D


Sherri said...

OH you lucky duck. I saw that box on Sharon's (Norah's) blog and thought oh how lucky for someone, not knowing it was you....Can you believe the paint work on a box for mail? I too am a tad green, but you deserved it. awesome, just awesome,