Wednesday, November 5, 2008

House Swap

My flickr friend Heather and I are swapping House all started last week, when I posted some of mine on my flickr site. She posted back to me that she had some waiting to be soldered on her work table..

She posted hers the other day and I loved what she had we decided to swap a house with each other..and to add to the fun, we are just sending each other one. Neither of us know which one we will fun is that? Hers went in the mail today! I have had more fun meeting people on flickr and blogs that have the same intrestes and such..but why do they have to be soooo far away??? So far no one close as in the same county...
I've added 4 more to my Etsy shop:
I'm enamored with that boy with the cocked hat~ I just had to use him then found what I thought was the perfect line for him....The 50's lady with the glasses came out of a Pillsbury cook-off book...The 2 brothers house, is another that I just love the faces on these fellows...Then there are my two little street urchin girls..I just had to use them again..they are together in this one, I've been cutting them apart, they were not happy being they got to be in a house together this time.
I have to be drawn to these photos before I even use them...they must speak to me some way. Are you like that with things? Faces and eyes..eyes on people, eyes on animals, eyes on dolls...eyes say alot...
Happy Hump Day~


Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina,
I just LOVE your stuff! Your little shrine necklace with the nest and white pearls and wings is on my christmas is the Rodeo Gal Cowgirl canvas. These little houses are ADORABLE, and YES, I LOVE the photos you pick for them...I'm very choosy about that kind of thing too. They have to look vintage and be "endearing" in some way...

Your soldering skills make me envious....I may be asking for some tips when I get my soldering iron (also on my christmas list!)


Cindy said...

These are so stinkin cute! I wore my necklace yesterday and a gal told me she was gonna steal it! YIKES! Got lots of cool comments regarding it. So thank you again for my awesome necklace! And it's your fault you live so far away...can't you move closer? LOL.


suze said...

How SWEET are these?! Love them.
Thanks for your comment on my blog today.