Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's little bit

I got a little bit done...

This is a clearance bracelet, picked up for a couple of bucks..Added the anagrams and TA DA :

I had a re-do..the one not soldered..had to be taken apart and re to get it all soldered up next session..then on the LOWER Right corner, is a sneaky peek for Cindy's Little shrine I'm making for her..I don't normally do special orders, but she didn't ask..just paid that's one way to get it done..
These are Key Rings, I made for that Auction at Church..

Here is that necklace (Kick up your heels) I did for that auction at Church:

I didn't make the necklace, it's one of those funky ones bought at a cheep jewelry/purse place..but it was fun and this was a fun piece.. This one is 2 inches square, and that boot is a mini Christmas ornie and I added some small concho type things to the back wall and used Cosmo Cricket paper inside..I hope it does well for them..

I have so much fun putting these little shrines together..

Ya'll have a good Thursay!



Cindy said...

Oooooh, I LOVE my little shrine!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing, but the peek I see, I LOVE! In fact, everything you are doing is amazing!


ps...hmmmmmmmm, didn't realize that (about the spec orders)..oh well, too bad now! LOL. Hey, but I got me one!

Sherri said...

yep, that little boot thing is too cute. I see the little kitty for Cindy too. looks like it will be adorable.