Friday, October 17, 2008

May we interrupt your soldering for..

A manic art moment...

With all my solder/glass stuff out and on the table, I was struck last night with a manic art moment..figures...

I had to make a Halloween Banner..

Then, I had to make a fairy with wings from a real moth/butterfly. I found this one along the highway when all the monarchs came thru a couple of weeks ago..I was stopping the car on the shoulder and picking up dead Monarchs and found this one too. So, last night I HAD to use me crazy..I dunno..

I love this shot, she looks like she's peeking up at us:

She is in no way finished, she is going to the back side of the table to be finished out at a later day..but at least it's out of my system for now~ Why do artist have these 'attacks' of change? Just when your all involved in some other project you get hit with ideas for something else? Why do you shove everything over and start on something completely different, just to put one or the other aside for later?

I hope you have answers to these burning questions..for I don't~

Have a good weekend!!



Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina,
I'm not sure these are really ANSWERS, but I know the creative process happens on the right side of your brain. That's where the ideas and artistic ability's come from too...the neat, tidy, keep it all in order "thing" comes from the left side of your brain, or the "logic" driven side. Artists are able to train their brains to function from the left side, but we have to work at it. When we're in the zone (that is, the ART ZONE) the left side of our brain is not even involved in the process, (well, not in much of the process) so finishing something or in some way "organizing" your creativity rarely works for long. Left brain is napping while we

There's my 10 cents...those are very physiological/psychological reasons for the phenomenon you speak of...I'm sure there are what time of day/evening you sit down to create, etc. But that's a tale for another post! ha!

The little butterfly girl is cute! Finished boo banner? Photos please?!?!

Cindy said...

Hmmmmmm, they have medication for that you know! LOL. IDK. I have NO answers. But if it makes you feel any better, I am the same way. Hey, that could make you feel worse! LOL. You should see all the pieces piled on the bar in the kitchen that NEED to be painted and what am I doing? Fussing with "Boo" bags. crap. : D


Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Very sweet! Found you on twitter under a search for collage!