Friday, October 3, 2008

I won a prize!

Over on Roxi's blog! Check her spot out..some cool things, like this:

I won this whole plate of Cowgirl images..fitting, don'tcha think?? :)
Thanks Roxi!! I found her thru you twitter?? I'm Collage Mojo on twitter if you do, I'd like to follow you too..
Today is the last day to sign up for my give aways! So by 6pm tonight~ Good luck!!
I'll post again tonight for the winners and some more mischief..
Have a great Friday ya'll!!


Sherri said...

Those are great! I wish you had had them a couple weeks ago, that way I could have played with them :) Very cool!

Cindy said...

Oh wow! Wicked cool! And perfect for you! Lucky duck! : D


Cristine's Story said...

Wow! I love your stamps! Perfectly fitting. Speaking of Cowgirl stuff Mystic Paper is have a Cowgirl retreat at the end of February and we would like to bring you out here to teach. What do you think?