Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank YOU

Thank you for all the comments on the Birthdy/Aniv. post, that was Monday!

I gave everyone a number starting with the first post of the day as number one....

Then used one of those places to pick 2 winners...

The first winner of the small collage and show leftover goodies is: Paula Clare!

The second winner of the Home Collage is: Jody of Just Jody blog!

Thanks again to everyone for leaving a message!! Ladies, I'll be getting in touch with you!

This is my favorite glue right now:

It has stuck everything from leather to paper to glitter to paper for me the last few days!! I love it and it was not too expensive at WallyMart...

I've been working on this little cutie for a few days when I have the's for my Not So Secret Pal:

It's on the back side of a Scrabble game board..I love using these as backgrounds...

Then, look at this:

Can you guess what it is? I'll tell you Monday!
Have a great weekend!!!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina!
WOOHOO! I WON! I WON! I'm SO excited! YAY! I can't wait to get my box-o-goodies! WOOT! Thank you!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Awww, last Friday we were having vendor night!! I want to do it again!!!
Love your cute witch!
Have a great weekend!

just jody said...

this is me doing the "happy dance" because i won the HOME piece! awesome! i've sent you my info and already have the place picked out where i'll hang it. LOVE your "best witches" and your blog. thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

The world's tiniest drum? hee hee. IDK.....Love the little witch girl, how cute is she!


Heartinmyhand said...

Is it a yoyo? Like your little pumpkin gut

Cristine's Story said...

Ummm, I think it is a tin full of antique paper fasteners. Only because I am obsessed with those little stinkers. When my truck was stolen I had a whole box of those tins full of paper fasteners in it. Note to self...never leave anything in your truck. I don't care where you live. And hey, by the way, I am a fellow Libra and so is Jennifer. She's the 10th and I'm the 15th!