Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday aftermath..

Ok, as promised to celebrate my Birthday (today) and my Blogaversiry (Saturday 27th) I'm giving away these wonderful prizes~

Blogaversiry prizes:

This is a few goodies left over from vendor night, a small collage, a bag of dominoes, matchboxes,number tiles,threads and a small altered Cabinet Card...

Birthday Give-away:

This one of a kind piece. It's 12x8 and on MFD board, mixed media piece called : Home

To enter in this multi prize giveawy, leave me a comment until Friday at 6 pm. I will assign each comment a number and use one of those random thingys to pick the number, first one picked gets the Blog set, second one picked gets the Bday prize..this is were being #2 is just as good at's my blog and I can do what I want...right??? So until Friday leave me comments..good luck~

Cindy and I received prezzies for being the hostesses with the mostesses...

Wonderful Phyllis Ann gave us each this wonderful ornie she did up:

Is that not too cute!?? Phyllis Ann is a wonderful painter and we have got her into the 'dark' side now~ she's loving this altered art stuff and it most certainly shows!! Thanks gal!! Loved meeting your smiling face! The ornie has a place of honor in my studio!!!
My AZ friend Becky sent us Via Mail this:

An Altered Bag, boot tag and a comfort doll!! She personalized them for each of us and did a wonderful job!!
See my blog stuff? and the HD stuff?? THAnks Becky for thinking of me!!! They are all in the studio for me to look at and think of YOU!!

And this Doll has on BOOTS!! Becky we soooooo wished you could have come and played with us! Next year (june) OK, be there?? !!! thank you for the goodies, you made me smile!

Again, thanks for the comments and reading my junk all year long, and thank you for joining us for Paper Cowgirl this last weekend! It was great fun!!
happy birthday tooooo meeee...


Pam Mattick Art and Stuff said...

Happy Birthday!!! And many more :)

Paula Clare said...

Happy Birthday Tina! What is it, number 29? Hope you have a great day! Happy Blogoversary too! Wow...doesn't time FLY in Blogdom? I can't believe I've been online over a's truly been amazing getting to meet gals like YOU and the rest of the Paper Cowgirls!

Your prizes are FANTASTIC! And now a prayer:

Oh great Random number generator...PICK ME! PICK ME! Amen.

Blessings upon ye!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for the Grands~ We Love Our Nana!

Char-Latte Creations said...

Happy Birthday Tina....You should have let us know so we could have all had a candle to blow out on our sweet little cupcakes. YUMMY! Ok...with me being the newbie..and be convinced to start blogging, I feel my number should be picked.!!

Heartinmyhand said...

So glad you like your goody bag. Thanks for posting them I forgot to take pics. Guess I was having a mid-life moment.
sounds like you gals had a wonderful and all your hard work paid off.

Cindy said...

Happy, Happy Bday my dear friend! You are only as young as you feel...and I guess it depends on what you are feeling at the time! LOL.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Happy Birthday!
You can put my name in that big ole 10 gallon hat.

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday. I'll meet you at Ben Franklin's for lunch! (hee hee) Hope you get rested up. I uploaded a few new pics to Flickr today. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tina!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! =)

I had a GREAT time at PC! You and Cindy did a great job and made it SO much fun for us all! Thanks a million times over for all that you did! =)

suze said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
I am hoping to attend next years festivities.
Please add my name to your hat for the drawings.
Thanks for the comment today. That is so cool about Eddie hill. I have his autograph. I miss seeing him and Ersie...they are a neat couple.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!!!!


Michele said...

Happy Birthday got some wonderful treasures! Love your blog! I would love to be entered into your giveaway!


Cristine's Story said...

Happy Birthday Tina! Please enter know how I luv my cowgirl things!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Hope it's a wonderful birthday, Tina. Thanks so much for the incredible Paper Cowgirl weekend. Count me in for your fabulous giveaway! Big cowgirl hugs, Nancy

just jody said...

you gonna look like a monkey when you get old, you gonna look like a monkey when you get old, i can tell by your smell and the way you swing your tail, you gonna look like a monkey when you get old. you've officially been "monkey songed"! happy, happy and many more!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Happy (belated) birthday, girlie! You are the sassiest grandmaw I know!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy "Belated" Birthday! Your retreat looks like a lot of fun. Hope it's a great year!