Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm home...

And tired and my head is full of great memories~

Cindy and I say that Paper Cowgirl was a success! We hope that all of you that attended did too..

We started the day with Dale..this gal is a little fire cracker! Her head was ready to explode by the time time day was over..full of ideas, fun and it was great to meet her and be in her company. Her good friend Lori came with her and she was a pleasure too! Thanks Dale swapping with me and buying some of my goodies on vendor night!!!
We had lunch break after her class...
Then hit the afternoon with Jan her class had everyone making banners and getting glitter all over!! I have to say Jan is one of a kind..we had great laughs and good times..Thanks Jan for being there and that great roller skate piece I got from you at Vendor night!! Big hugs!
Next class of the day was from Joanna, but Brook taught it..Brook is a pleasure to have as a teacher! Our Altered Bingo card was a fun class..(that is the only one I was able to sit down and do) Thanks Brook for being there and keep all those rowdy cowgirls in line!!! It was great!
Then it was Ms. Sharon's turn! She brought her art and knowledge as only Sharon can! We drooled on 4 large canvases of Sisters and then began on class..All the gals in the class did a great job of painting a face in Sharon's magical style!! They walked away from that class knowing that they CAN paint, and Paint a FACE which to me knowledge is power!! Way to go Ladies!! Thanks Sharon for giving us a piece of your knowledge and friendship!! Big Hugs to YOU!!! I'm so glad I stopped that day in Marlin to visit with you..this would have never happened!!!
After a bit of a break it was MY turn to teach...I was a bit nervous and couldn't find some of my things..but Cindy calmed me down and sent me in.. We did our soldering class in about 2 hours and had only one injury~ even after I showed them which end was the hot end of the soldering iron~Most everyone turned out with a lovely pendant and no burn digits and several told me they were going to go try this at home...that is what a teacher loves to hear, that you have inspired someone enough to go out and do it again!!!
Thanks all you gals for being in my class!!
Thanks to the Crafty Scrapper shop in Waxahachie for being our host!
Thanks all you gals for helping Cindy and I make this work!!
Tomorrow is my Bday, so there will be a give away and my 1 year blog Bday was on Saturday~ so come back and see what I have planned~


Cindy said...

Hey dear girl! Glad you made it home ok. I'm so tired. I'm tooooo dang old for you young whipper snappers! LOL. What a blast! My head is still spinning and I'm itchin to go paint and get soft gel stuff and all that....but I think I'm gonna go have a nap first! LOL. It was such a fun, grand time! I loved it all! And dang straight...let's do it again in JUNE! LOL. : D


Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina!
Glad you made it home and all went well! I am planning NOW to come next year...meanwhile, I'll have to relive your retreat vicariously!

I'll check in tomorrow with the birthday girl!

Paula Clare

Sherry said...

I wish I could have gone!! It sounds like so much fun!!!

Have a great Birthday and get rested up!


DeeDee said...
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Jan Thomason said...

Tina, BFF, you and Cindy, another BFF, did a fabulous job all the way around.
we all, you, cindy, the teachers that have never taught a class before (mwah???)learned SOOOOO much! not bad, though, for a first year art retreat!
i think everyone had a delightful time - i certainly heard enough laughter if that's any kind of gauge!
next year - oh, my, it's going to be even better logistically but never better personality-wise - what a great bunch of ladies.
absolutely wonderful.

love you, jan

photos, etc, on my blog, later, after i get dressed and into my studio.