Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dragon at my house...

Yesterday, My fren Cindy said she had a creative Hangover....well, today the Dragon is here...I'm dragin my *A* outta bed..I'm Dragin my *A* to get a cup of coffee in hopes that the coffee knight slays the dragon...So you see that Dragon is all over me...I hope he goes away..and soon..

Today I'm posting what my beautiful friend Andreea sent me:
She made a trip back home to Romania a couple of weeks ago... Her plans were to attend Paper Cowgirl, but it didn't happen and she sent my goodies Via another friend..This was the most beautiful piece! I'm so proud of it, she packed me in some other goodies too, a cross necklace, a book to alter, a tin to alter and another necklace to use in altered stuff..plus a postcard with some awesome sites on it..Thank you Andreea!! I love it all~ I love you too..and your Paper Cowgirl kits are being gathered up, I forgot one up there and Cindy's getting it for me..I'm going to make you a nice little package too..

Now I'm dragin myself to get dressed...and get the day going..
hope no Dragons are at your house today..t


Sherri said...

how pretty! Love iconic things like this. Hey, I saw on Norah's blog that you forgot your moo's too. I bet they are adorable.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Hey there T~ Oh, girl, I feel your pain, but I have a show in 3 weeks, so I need to get crackin'!! Or craftin', actually!
LOVE your icon! I have one from Romania, too! They are so beautiful! I have a Russian one of the martyred Tsar Nicholas II and his family, who are Saints in the Russian Orthodoox Church.
Well, off to sling some glitter.