Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday was busy around the shop shack

We played outside:

We were on the 'hunt':
We picked flowers:
After swimming and lunch, we loaded up the stuff hub needed to go Dove Hunting, and Sage's goodies. Then they headed out take her back home and he to go hunting tomorrow, I was left alone...

I went into the studio..with a plan..Halloween was on my brain..and a technique I had read about here. And just as I got started my heat gun went and pooped out..I'd only had it about 8 years..go figure..So, loaded myself up to make an emergency run into town to Michael's. Did I just buy a heat gun? NoOooOOO..ended up bringing home some new pens, a flower punch, a good deal on a sketch book with 2 free Bristol board pads, and some quote stickers.
Had to stop at Starbucks too on the way home..was very disappointed..My Frapp was not very slushy at all it was just cold and very fluid..not what I had my taste buds set for..and low and behold, I was chosen to do a survey..I did that as soon as I got home, so maybe those Starbucks people will listen. I'll let you know if they do~

Back to the studio...I didn't follow all the directions Tim had there on his post..for I have NO Adirondack I used some dauber's I got at WM awhile back..spritzed the tag with water then inked them up after doing the embossing with the clear..I used a some stamps I picked up on super deep discount last year AFTER Halloween!
But isn't that what it's all about? Doing your own thing with what you have? Who has to follow the directions to a T ? Where are the direction Police?? That's what I love about creating things!!

Here's my little tip: Use one of those 'taste spoons' you get at the ice cream shop, in your embossing powder to control the amounts you need..doesn't make quite the mess as pouring it out over your work...

This is one of my hand cut stamps with the embossing ink on a tag:

Here is the batch I did...

This one is my fav:

I'm glad I got a new heat gun, this one works so good, I even had the paper smokin'~ not good..but didn't hurt anything!
This was a good afternoon.
I have to work tomorrow on some cabs for a client. So you have a good day off and hope you make something fun!
Later gator!


Cristine's Story said...

That skeleton is the best! Love your tags!

Cindy said...

Glad you had a good afternoon! Looks like fun and love the little skelly figure! But am really loving your hand cut stamp even more!

I have to work again tomorrow. Boo Hoo. The store is looking pretty cool, but lots more to do tomorrow...its worse than cleaning house. LOL.


Unknown said...

Oh just lovely things going on in here!

Come by and take a peek at what I have a 'brewin' over at my place!

Sherry said...

I love your tags!! The picture of the flower is beautiful and of courese the eyes are super cool! I love eyes!