Friday, August 29, 2008

Hissy Fits

Have you ever pitched one? I have! Plenty in my life time..but last night was just an art version~
I started to clean off my table which had only a 2x2 space of clean area..and that's 2 INCHES x 2 INCHES..

The more I put away, tossed, stuffed in other places, the more I found things I'd covered over..
Like these cabinet cards.. So I started playing with them~again~

It was fun to have the ideas rolling out of my head ...using things that have not been used lately..

The dictionary was handy, so I took out a page I'd already torn was H's..found this Hoity Toity entry for the above photo, love it~
Then found this word: Hobbledehoy: a youth between boyhood and manhood.
It fit this photo perfectly!
Pulled out some sliver coated findings and added them for some intrest and an altered Cabinet card was born!
These two are small..2x3 or so..then the next one has been sitting around forever..

This poor ol' maid, she was so water damaged..and I just couldn't figgure out how to use her..well last night she was included in my Hissy Art fit...she got a rub on with a quote then a faux beeswax treatment to make that old waterstain look like it belonged there..

See this texture? Love it! rub some ink over it and it just pops out! If you've not tried this effect, what are you waiting for? Permission? well, you have mine, so go for it!

You need some Matte Gel Medium a pallet knife and something to go over..using the pallet knife and spread a nice layer of GM over your project, not too thick, but covering it nicely..let it dry..then using some inks and your finger you make that texture pop out and whole thing looks great! See how easy that was??

This is a long weekend for most of us~ hope yours is a good one..we are exchanging Grand #2 for Grand #1 this I'm sure there will be more studio/play time in the next couple of days!!

Go Play~


Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina!
YES! Hissy fits! I know them well...and I've pitched myself a few. I've never had an art hissy fit tho, so I'm thinking I'm due.Your cabinet cards are so cool. WHERE do you "find" your "findings?" Inquiring minds want to know. Speaking of cabinet cards...a friend and I were talking about where they came from and what they were used for..any clue? Give this yankee a history lesson, would ya?

Cristine's Story said...

Hey Tina,

I passed the "I Love Your Blog" award on to you. Check out my blog to see why. You are inspiring!

Cindy said...

Love it! Great dictionary finds and love what you are making.